wow such summer many fun

Hello World!

I am still fairly new to this whole BLOGGING thing. Sure I’m a little more popular on Tumblr, but this is my first official blog. And I’m not completely sure what I intend to write about.

Never the less, it’s summer. I woke up late today (10:45) gross gross gross. I hate waking up late, I feel like I lose my entire day. On days such as these, I try to make it count even more. I’ve had many adolescent epiphanies over the years, and one of my strongest has been how life truly is a gift. I like gifts.

So I must compile a list of things to do on days like these so I don’t waste my life away. Here goes it:

1. WORK ON YOUR CURRENT PAINTING (I procrastinate too much for my own good)

2. Take your dog for a walk

3. Get coffee. Because, coffee.

4. Clean your room.

5. Actually clean your room (you know, mom-approved).

6. Write in your diary.

7. Write someone a letter. Because, letters.

8. Practice guitar.

9. Do yoga, OUTSIDE.

10. Supa ultra dance party.


Well there’s a short list of things I could do on days such as these! I hope if any of you readers (do I have readers?) are bored, you could try some of these things too.

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