Leave Me Alone High School

Hi World! 

I recently graduated high school, and was just fine with the change in my life. Some peers of mine expressed their graduation as a monumental event in their life. Saying things like, “I’m not ready to leave, this is HIGH SCHOOL. THIS IS A BIG DEAL.” Um, not really. It’s just high school.

I realized that of course things would be different, and I would miss certain aspects of it. Cool teachers, funny classmates, the ability to see friends constantly, and of course, test retakes. 

At the same time, there would be an endless list of things I wouldn’t miss. For example, the bell system. Being forced to go to an institution for a set amount of hours each day, having the same set of classes time after time and not being able to leave until the electronic buzz told me I could do so. I had to ask permission to go to the bathroom, ok? Free country? I think not. (jk america ur cool)

I’d say I’m experiencing a healthy range of emotions leaving high school, the classic “bittersweet” feeling. I’m not over the moon to leave (well, sometimes) and I’m certainly not being dragged out of the building crying hysterically by my parents. No no, I’m progressing just fine. 

Lately however, I’ve been having nightmares about high school. Being unable to escape my stalkers of the past 4 years (just don’t ask), kissing weird underclassmen and feeling lame because I never took advantage of a senior skip day. 

Strange, right? I think so too. I’m not sure what these dreams mean but I’ve had them three nights in a row. Perhaps subconsciously I have weird emotional ties to high school as well? Or maybe I’m afraid of college being the same experience. 

Nevertheless, my grandpa used to say that if you have a bad dream and tell someone about it, it won’t come true. Thanks Gramps.

Until next time world, smile on. 

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One thought on “Leave Me Alone High School

  1. Listen to your grandpa 😉

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