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I work at a little cafe and as much as I love the coffee scene, I don’t always love those I share it with. Occasionally my coworkers can be a little.. indecent as human beings. Not saying they’re bad people, but they’re not always good ones. 

One woman is constantly trying to make the other employees look bad, and enjoys acting like she’s better than the rest of us. Not to mention that many employees I’m surrounded by are hard gossip addicts. Now I just got out of high school, you really think I don’t know these games? Nice try honey. Sit down. 

I was extremely frustrated today during my shift because I was her new target. She was aggressively pointing out my mistakes (I’ve only been there for a month and a half ok jeez) and ranting about how everyone at the cafe has “no common sense”. Ok. Yes we all make mistakes sometimes but no common sense whatsoever? Ok.

When she stopped steaming she jabbered to me nonstop. Now I don’t think this woman talks a lot, I just think she wants someone to listen to her from time to time. I’m fine with being that person for people. Eventually she landed on a personal topic. She expressed to me how much she and her husband are struggling financially and how it’s all more difficult having a daughter to raise as well. I think she got choked up at one point.

I knew from the beginning that this woman acted the way she did for a reason, this just opened my eyes more to it. So I had a change of heart. I’ve decided that come Christmas time, I want to help her and her husband out in getting presents for their daughter. Not all parents can afford to get their kids gifts, but every kid deserves a good Christmas. So I’ll be Santa’s helper this year.  

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