Mom can you put aloe on my back

Hello World!

Nice to see your beautiful face again. How is your face? Is it sunburned like mine is? No? Well aren’t you special. 

I had a very enjoyable weekend at my family lake house with my best friend. The after affects of fun in the sun, are not so fun. 

When you’re composed of mainly Irish genes, sunburn is a summer routine. Regular sunburn I can accept, but this has to be a joke. Half of my face is burnt. I have a lovely gradient starting strong on my forehead, fading down to my cheeks. My upper left side and lower right side of my back is toasted. I’m a checker board it’s just awesome. The front side of my thighs are burnt and the inside of my calves are as well. My shoulders and arms are fairly tan and my midriff has stayed the same.




I’ve come to accept the fact that I am very Irish and as much as I try, chances are I’ll never achieve an overall tan like my exotic friends. *sigh* In other news, I’ve just been informed that soaking a rag in tea can help soothe sunburn. I am off to explore this theory.

Until next time world, wear sunscreen. 

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