What’s good, World?

This month, I will become a college student (Oh my God what) and I’m not exactly ready (Oh my God no). I still haven’t even figured out how to order textbooks. Nearly all my friends are going away for school, and they couldn’t be more excited. And why wouldn’t they be? They get to finally leave this town, have a whole new scene, meet dozens of new people, and deck out their dorm room. I however, am staying at home for the first two years of college. I don’t exactly get the same excitement as they do, but I still can have all the stress of school. I have Christmas lights and pictures all over my bedroom already, if I study here will that make me cool too? Sigh.

I guess I have something they don’t have, though. Mid-west weather can be crazy. I will testify to that in any court of law. But unlike all my muttering neighbors, I actually enjoy the cold weather. There’s just something about the change of seasons. When the air becomes cold but you still feel the warmth of the sun. Being immune to surrounding temperatures with a hearth and mug of (insert favorite heated beverage here). You’ll never convince me that there’s any better attire than sweaters, jeans, scarves, beanies and boots. (Which of course I find the greatest steals on all my thrifting escapades). There are very few things that I will consider to be more beautiful than walking outside at night as snow falls, being illuminated by nothing but the lights strung on every tree.

So there you have it, my fellow peers. Sure you can get excited about your parties and tiny rooms, but while you’re dreading the weather I’ll be dancing in it.

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