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Hi World!!! 😀

I attended the new student orientation at my college today. I had to get up earlier than I’d liked, due to picking up a friend before the event. Honestly, if it weren’t for my responsibility of his transportation, I wouldn’t have gone. I was to tired to even form a comprehensible stream of thought. Thank goodness for my friend and his lack of a driver’s license.

I had a much greater time than expected. Starting from when I stood in line waiting to be registered, an old friend from my freshman year of high school approached me. I hadn’t talked to her in years and couldn’t be happier to be in her presence. Standing in that line paid off too, they gave me tons of free stuff! A tee shirt, backpack, mints, pens and a notebook might not seem like much to anyone, but if you knew me you’d know that the simplest things make my day.

We filed into the school’s auditorium to watch some presentations and get to know the people around us more. My class is surprisingly funny. One of the speakers told us a statistic that students who attend their college’s orientation get better grades than students who don’t. My friend and looked at each other and high-fived. Our smug looks said nothing but “Hell yeah”.

We were given a series of sessions we could attend. Ranging from art classes to deciding what you even want to do with your life, my friends and I (the squad) mutually decided on 2 that we could attend together.

The first was for those who are pitifully undecided with their majors. (points finger at self) We had to break into different groups based on our personalities. I was in the artistic group with only 2 other people. We were given an egg, 15 straws, and 5 3-inch pieces of masking tape. We had to build a contraption that would successfully protect the egg when dropped 7 feet. Almost every group made a tube with their straws and placed the egg inside. My group came up with a sort of sled for our egg. It didn’t work, but it looked the coolest.

The next session was all about transferring to a different college. It opened my eyes to the differences between public and private schools. The class was full so we had to sit on the floor but squad didn’t care one bit.

I was excited to be walking toward an art session, but when I talked to a staff member I sadly discovered that it had only been offered in the first 2 sessions. The helpful staff member pointed me in the direction of a session he thought I would enjoy. Just before I left he handed me a business card said “Oh, and pass this on.” It had a colorful logo on it. Restating my previous point, I enjoy simple things. So while I didn’t know what on earth this card had to do with anything relevant, I was happy. I turned it over to see the message ‘You are beautiful’ A huge smile broke out on my face as I turned around and thanked the staff member. I looked up the hallway to see a pretty girl walking towards me, and I gave it to her. I love random acts of kindness so unbelievably much.

This last session was all about how to get involved. I discovered a leadership program that’s right up my alley. I already want to join it. Another fun ice breaker my college provided to us was a game. They had clothes pins with the message ‘Tag! You’re it!’ Written on each one. The object of the game was to attach it to someone, and if you were caught you had to introduce yourself. A group of students and I joined forces and had the whole class laughing. I was shocked at how easily I was breaking out of my shell. I made friends and walked with them towards the next order of business.

Free. Food.

We were all given Subway and listened to some performers and a raffle. I didn’t win, but I had free food so in my eyes I was already Queen of the campus.

I smiled so much today that my jaw hurt. I can now say I’m extremely excited for my first year of college.

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