wow college life

My goodness, World. Has it been a long Monday or what?

I don’t have much to say right now due to the fact that I feel slightly disoriented and would be astounded if what I’m typing is actually a coherent stream of thoughts that a fellow internet dweller could easily comprehend. Also it’s verging on 10 pm where I reside and I still haven’t done my environmental biology homework yet.

So this “college” thing, this is what it is, yes? Ok.

If you’re reading this, I hope you get through whatever turbulence that may be disrupting your soaring, sleep well, maybe have some weird dreams, and wake up with someone in your life to describe said weird dreams to. If you feel as though no one wants to hear about your unusual unconscious escapades, dude tell me. I’m endlessly interested in what goes on inside people’s minds.

Well, I need a refill on jasmine tea and my dog is in need of assistance. I am off, into the night. Well, my living room.

Good night!! ^_^ *virtual hug sent!*

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