Whoa. Did you see that pigeon?


Once again, this post is brought to you from my college’s computer lab. (he he) I finished taking an environmental biology test about an hour ago. I came here to get some work done until my next class.

Which brings me to my point of today’s writing: How I pass time in between classes. Fellow college students, take notes. Or don’t, I mean, I don’t always take notes. It depends on my mood. Anyway. I give you….


1. Go to the computer lab. I could do something productive, or I could go on WordPress.com. It’s really a win-win situation.

2. Scavenge for coffee. If I haven’t expressed this yet, I am a coffee nut. And there’s no going back. There are two different cafes in my school located in different buildings, so I simply activate my internal GPS to get me to one of them.

3. Sit on a couch somewhere and dig my cellular device out of the endless pit that some people would argue is a “bag”. The next step is to simply connect my headphones to my ears and open the Tumblr app. That’s right, I have other blogs.

4. Stare out a window and notice all the things.

5. Find someone I share even the slightest acquaintance with, and say hi. That’s it. Just say hi and run for the Everglades.

There are other things on this list of course, such as staring at cute boys and willing them to talk to me. It worked like, once.

This has been grand, readers. I always enjoy the fact that someone, somewhere may be reading about my day.

Keep on keepin’ on


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