I’m really sorry, what’s your name again?

HEy World!

This is my first year participating in NANOWRIMO (national novel writing month) and it’s going well so far! I’ve been wanting to do this since 7th grade but either my parents wouldn’t let me or I would always forget. But now I’m in college. Which means I’m an adult now. (not really but it’s ok.)

So far I don’t have a solid plot line yet, just mainly working on character and setting development. Also I still don’t have a name for my main character yet D: but I can’t name her until it absolutely feels right. It’ll come to me.


Maybe you guys could help. *smug smile* I’ll list some of her traits and if you come up with anything you find fitting, please comment! I would love some new ideas!! πŸ˜€

She’s 24 years old and lives in her own apartment, no roommates. Also she doesn’t have any pets. (I should really give her a dog though) She has long brown hair and I think green eyes. Tall and stylish. Listens to Jack Johnson a lot. She works at a diner called Cutie Pies and her boss totally sucks but she puts up with it because she has no other option. She’s very independant, party due to the fact that she has trust issues. She’s not looking for a relationship because again, trust issues. She’s intelligent and likes to read. Secretly she reads poetry as well. She doesn’t have the closest ties with her family but she loves her friends, although she doesn’t express it much. She isn’t a very emotional/lovey-dovey person. She’s sarcastic and witty, but the entertaining kind.

So yeah, if you have any suggestions please let me know! I’ve been thinking about naming her Rory but I’m not sure.

Have a wonderful day, and it’s not too late to start writing!!


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7 thoughts on “I’m really sorry, what’s your name again?

  1. Ok ok wait give me a moment I can feel the names coming……. *closes eyes, breaths deeply through nose* AHA! I#m getting a Cassandra vibe maybe Cassy (?), Stella, Maggy, Penny, Rachel (uuh l like Rachel πŸ˜› ), Jenny……
    That’s all I have at the moment, I’ll probably be bombarding you with names for the rest of the day (luckily for the day is almost over πŸ˜‰ )

  2. Anna!!! Like the girl in “Frozen”!!! (With the brown hair, green eyes, 24ish years old, not really close to her family due to the fact that most of them are dead and her sister is kinda crazy, yet loves her new found friend Olaf….. Eh, eeh, eeeh??)

  3. No no sorry take that back NOT Hallie…..
    Doesn’t seem fitting…………..

  4. Jackie…..?

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