Functionally Rusty

Good morning, world!! Happy Sunday!

I mentioned a while back that I was considering sharing some of my poems here. Yesterday morning when I woke up, I immediately grabbed my journal off my bookshelf, and wrote this in bed. Hope you enjoy!

If you wanted to, I’d let you slide your hand up my sweater. So your fingers could fill up the empty space between my ribs, maybe it could keep the air from escaping my nervous lungs.

You’re so perfect, you’re just like glass. Would it be ok if I let my breath fog up your chest so I could draw a heart on you? You never say it, but I think your real one has been broken for quite some time now, so use this doodle until you’re better and healed.

Maybe we’re both tinman people, and usually we’re good at fixing ourselves. I hope you know that if you were ever stuck and alone, my squeaky legs would carry me to wherever you were, so I could share my oil with you. I’ll always be there in a time of need, to touch the places you can’t reach.

Thanks for reading!! Feel free to leave a comment, I love feedback!
Shine on,

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