Are you sure this is a crystal ball? Looks kind of like a snowglobe to me…

*Boils vat of hot chocolate* *Blasts Mariah Carey* *Prints double spaced, MLA format of Christmas List* *Brings gingerbread cookies to life* *Knits two sweaters with one hand* *Builds army of snowmen* *Pins back hair with gift bows* *Aggressively places Christmas cards in mailbox* *Retreats to igloo* Oh yes I am so ready for Christmas.

Happy Holidays, World! Are you having the most wonderful time yet? I’ve been excited since, like, December 26th 2013 lol.

My semester is winding down, just a few more weeks and then I can dedicate my time to last minute Christmas shopping and binging on Netflix. I need to get enough sleep and get through these last assignments. *Laughs to conceal sobbing*

On another note, my mom received a psychic reading yesterday! We’re a big fan of those in my family I guess you could say. She shared that we’re all in good fortune, and that my mom’s photography business should take off! Which is awesome because she’s been working hard on this and I give her a lot of credit for starting a new hobby later in life. Not saying that my mom is old, she just didn’t go to school for this or anything, she, ok never mind.

The psychic read Tarot cards for each member of my family. My cards revealed that *drum roll please* I’ll fall in love soon. GASP. WHAT? ME? FALLING? INTO LOVE? Will that hurt? If you couldn’t already tell, that news was a bit surprising to me. Basically every event in my life has discouraged me from the idea of love. Alright, maybe that’s not fair to say. I’ve received plenty of love in various aspects of my life, most noticeably in my friendships. The romance well of my life has just always been dry. And I think I broke my bucket. To give you a summary, I wanted desperately to be in a relationship until this past summer. When things went down the drain with yet another interest of mine, I kind of gave up on the whole idea. I began to find it easier to just not develop feelings for anyone, therefor not getting my hopes up and feelings crushed.

I figure I’ll just continue living as I am, a busy college girl trying to find time to paint and rolling out of bed at 2am to write another poem. And sharing it all with my wonderful readers of course 😉 Hopefully at some point love will find me and I’ll restrain myself from punching it in the face out of self-defense.

Shine on, you lovely people.


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  1. 😀 😉

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