What the heck, what happened to all my good books? MooOOoM?!

*peers through microscope* Man, my followers are so pretty. XD Hey, World.

I’m currently sipping warm coffee alone in my bedroom as I listen to the light social buzz originating from my kitchen. It’s my parents’ 20th Christmas party and it’s just as exclusive as the 1st one. It consists of their friends and this is usually the only time I see them all year. I dressed up, and went downstairs to eat appetizers and talk about my recent semester and new artwork at least 8 times in a row. These conversations never seem to branch far from education systems. But, I don’t really know what else I would discuss with my Mom’s college buddies.

I have my final exams this coming Monday and Tuesday and I’ve hardly gotten any studying done. *slides off bed* *closes eyes* I really should study. *opens eyes* Or I could do this. *rolls away into sunset*

I suppose once I hit the publish button I’ll get going on that. Until then, I’ll enjoy my time with my lovely readers. *chortles loudly* *makes prestigious art reference* *raises wine glass* Wait, I can’t have wine, that’s illegal. *sets down glass* Dangit.

Speaking of readers, I’m assuming some of you beautiful people enjoy books? If so, could someone introduce me to a great read? I need a good book? Please? I love you????

But really, I need to study now. Peace and blessings to all, and to all, a radical weekend.
-Jessie, thatgirlwhoalwayssmiles.

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4 thoughts on “What the heck, what happened to all my good books? MooOOoM?!

  1. Well…………… I have this one book (three actually, it’s a trilogy (damn, it took waay too long for me to figure out the correct spelling of that word….. Let’s blame it on the exams, shall we?))
    Anyways it kinda old, like published 1998, but I’m currently reading the first book and so far so good πŸ˜‰
    so after this extremely long introduction I shall now present to you the name of the books *ahem ahem*: The Face On The Milk Carton (1), Whatever Happened To Janie (2), and The Voice On the Radio (3)
    Hope that helped πŸ˜‰

    • Well I’ll be darned… I just googled the series and I found out there’s a NEWish book on the market:
      What Janie Found (4)

      • Ha would you look at that… I’m really sorry, but I just discovered a FIFTH book of the Janie series: Janie Face To Face (5)
        Ok that should be it for now (at least I’ll stop looking…)
        Toodles πŸ™‚

      • Thank you so much! ^_^ I’ll totally check them out!!

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