The Impending Afro

Hey World!

I don’t remember the last time I blogged and that disgusts me. My dear readers I’m so sorry for neglecting you. I’ll be sending a box of puppies with an apology note attached soon. My winter break is almost over and I’ll be shuffling back to school this coming Wednesday. Although I’ll miss sleeping in and drinking hot chocolate at home all day, I’d say I’m ready to go back.

I’ve been extremely back and forth for the past few months on whether I should cut my hair or not. I’ve been growing it out for around 3 years now, and it’s down to the middle of my back I’d say. Knowing that it took that long to reach this point, I’ve been worried that cutting it to my jaw line is something I’d regret. When suddenly, *heavenly light and angels’ singing* I got an idea. I could just dye it.

So there I was at Target in the hair aisle. I settled for a temporary dye, since this would be my first time coloring my hair and seeing that I’d be doing it myself; it wouldn’t be professional. I spent a little less than an hour in front of the mirror in my bathroom. Listening to music is probably the only reason I remained sane. I managed to pull off an ombre, the color fading from my natural chestnut to a faint red.

It’s temporary, they said. It’ll wash out, they said. NO LASTING DAMAGE, THEY SAID.

I’ll take the blame for this one, I pretty much picked the worst possible time of year to dye my hair. Temperatures in the negatives and chemical treatments simply were more than it could handle. I’ve always had thick hair, but this is a new record. Since my mane dried out so much, it became frizzy and insanely voluminous. Long story short, I’ve been a punk-pop poodle for the past 5 days.

Fear not dear readers, for I may have found the cure. I give to you, wait for it….. *ukulele intro* THE O EXOTIC COCONUT. OIL. All I really need is a deep conditioning, so I rifled though my kitchen cabinet to find a beautiful jar of unrefined coconut oil. My hair smells GREAT. If you close your eyes and stick your face in my over-excited pony tail you might just think you’re in Hawaii. Ok, that’s a lie but it does smell fantastic. ^_^ Real talk though, organic coconut oil has multiple health and beauty benefits that you should all check out!

I’m gonna go back to laying on the floor in the fetal position, take care now!! ❤

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