All Dogs go to Heaven

Hey world,

I’m sad to say that this morning my family and I had to put our dog down. Her name was Brie, and she was a 12-year-old Beagle mix. She recently suffered kidney failure and was feeling so sick that she stopped eating and drinking, and rarely moved. It was awful to see her in such misery, so we knew this would be the best thing for her.

Mourning is a normal process following death, but I’m not someone known to stay down for long. So I figured I’d go online and tell the world some stories about Brie!

1. We rescued Brie from an animal shelter in 2002. She was the smallest puppy I’d ever held. Since she was a rescue pup, she was a lot less expensive than dogs from a mill. I enjoyed bragging to my friends on the playground that I got a dog for only 75 dollars. STICK THAT IN YOUR PUREBRED’S KIBBLE, SUZY. 

2. We found Brie on a website called PetFinder. Her bio said she was a boy. (umm)  She wasn’t a boy.

3. Brie was born with 3 other puppies if I remember correctly. When we brought her home for the first time, she sat in front of a mirror in our living room and howled. She thought she was looking at her brother :’) It was the first time we ever heard her make a noise.

4. We still are unsure as of why, but one time around 2004; me, my sisters and my mom were all gathered in a second-story bedroom with a window open. Everything was totally normal, until Brie came barreling in, jumped on the bed, and tried to jump out the window. Luckily, we had a screen installed so Brie bounced off of it like a new trampoline. I honestly can’t imagine the horror that could have resulted from her lack of marbles.

5. Brie knew what times my sisters and I came home from school. So from first grade though high school, I’d come down the street, always seeing Brie waiting for me at the front door.

6. Brie never ran away, not once. She liked eating our food while we looked away for 2 seconds and sleeping on our couches too much.

7. She hated water. Absolutely hated it. Hygiene is inevitable though, and every time we tried to drag her upstairs for a bath she would fight us with everything she had. So when we finally turned off the faucet and let her out of the tub, it was like she had just escaped prison. I’ve never seen an animal run as fast as Brie when she was hyper.

8. Brie was quite adventurous. Over the summer while we were enjoying a weekend at our family cottage, she decided to explore the wonders underneath the house for the umpteenth time, however during this quest, she got lost. We were eating snacks in the kitchen when we heard muffled barking. “Where’s, where’s the dog?” My sisters and I asked each other, peeking into different rooms. Long story short, my dad had to rip a short staircase away from the wall to help her get out.

9. Brie wasn’t affectionate. She didn’t like being pet for too long or it would annoy her. But she understood emotion. Growing up wasn’t easy on me, and anytime I’d cry, I’d hear her trot into the room and she would sit with me until I felt better.

10. Brie passed away in room #1 at our animal clinic. Since then, I’ve been finding lucky pennies wherever I go. I think that’s her way of giving me a sign. Who knew dogs understand American currency?

I hope I could give you guys a small sense of what a remarkable dog she was. I’ll miss her, but it’ll get easier with time. To anyone still reading this, if you have a pet, try to spend more time with them. Because one day you’ll miss finding their hair all over your clothes.

Love you all,


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4 thoughts on “All Dogs go to Heaven

  1. Hi Jessie,

    We are very sorry for your loss! Thank you for sharing the wonderful stories about Brie 🙂 I enjoyed reading them, but sad that you lost her. We wish you all the best and you’re in our thoughts!

    Take care Jessie,

  2. Ooooh this brought tears to my eyes 😦 I’m so sorry about little Brie…. I hope you’re ok… Are you? …Ok, I mean…? And yes I am positutly certain that dogs go to heaven. But they can still communicate with this world, which would explain the lucky pennies… ❤ 🐶 🌹 🌹

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