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It’s not a ‘to do’ list, it’s a ‘what I’ve done’ list

I’ve only been out of school for.. *counts on fingers* 6, 6 days now. Yet here I am with sunburn on both arms which will surely lead to an overall, uneven tan. On the bright and very hot side (89 degrees Fahrenheit), my summer has already started out more fulfilling than my previous ones! Each year I write a summer bucket list, but they generally consist of pretty ambitious tasks which rarely get completed, leaving me feeling unaccomplished. So I decided to change that.

This summer I started a list of simple tasks that I could for sure accomplish in a few months, and I’m already crossing things off! Some goals include:

  1. Get a manicure   2. Listen to The Rolling Stones   3. Go fishing   4. Watch a sunrise 5.Do yoga outside   6. Learn a new song on piano

I figured that by doing this I’ll feel like I made the most out of my summer! On a larger scale, I’ll continue to learn French, travel in Ireland and pack for college in the fall!

I hope you all have many little things to look forward to this season ❤


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Remember when they changed Cookie Monster to Veggie Monster?! That’s me.

As I sit here and type this, I cry because there is no coffee in my house. (I’m not actually crying.) (But I am making noises that resemble a distressed fox.) I could go out and buy myself a latte, but today is Sunday. I do not look like a person on Sunday.

New thing: I’m considering going vegetarian. Well I’ve been considering it, now I’m actually making steps toward a transition. It started a few weeks ago, all of the sudden I just got really tired of meat. When I would come home from work and see that my mom had made some type of dish with chicken, it was all suddenly so unappealing to me and even made me slightly nauseous. I wanted nothing to do with meat and just craved salads constantly. I began to talk to vegetarians I know to see what made them change their diet and what they liked about it.

I realized that the only real benefit eating meat gives me is that it suppresses my appetite for longer periods of time than other food groups do, but it also leaves me feeling very lethargic. I started going to Whole Foods a lot with my best friend at the beginning of summer and each time I did I would grab sushi or load up on veggies. Not only did it suppress my appetite but it left me so energized! You don’t understand. I would turn into a firecracker. That’s how energized. Loading up on vegetables also made me more productive and helped with my mood greatly!

I told my parents about how I would like to change my diet. I thought they were going to not be supportive but they were just surprised and want to make sure I still eat enough. I’m not underweight, but I am skinny and relatively tall for a girl so I’m not interested in losing any weight. Plus I technically have a gluten intolerance so I would have to make sure I don’t replace meat with a ton of wheat by accident. That would be atrocious.

For now I think I’ll start by being pescatarian and introduce more tofu, eggs and nuts into my diet. I’ll also avoid any fast food meat. I read on No Meat Athlete that one way to change your diet is to start by not using the word “never”. Don’t try to go cold turkey (hahaha pun) with vegetarianism because that’s usually how people crack after a week. Start by setting yourself small goals and see how you feel from doing that! My first goal is to go one week without meat.

I’m excited to try this! It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and I don’t feel like putting it off again. I’m gonna go now though, I need to find a way to get some coffee.

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I’m never taking this off

Have you ever bought a piece of clothing that was so beautiful it made you actually afraid to wear it incase something were to happen to it? Yeah me too. 

Look at this. Look at this SWEATER. You don’t understand how soft it is, I am the softest thing ever created when I wear it. I am a bunny. A blanket. A blanket of bunnies. I am sleeping under a pile of baby bunnies and they are cute and tiny and they love me.  

The reason why I have this baby bunny sweater is because I have a photo shoot today! We’re going to a town near me that has a bookstore/café fusion heaven and I’m so excited. We’ll also go outside to get some outdoor fall shots and hopefully it’ll stop raining by that time. 

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend so far!

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Wow look at all this dust on my computer



Sup World, miss me? In all seriousness, I’d like to apologize for how long I’ve been logged off of this site. I didn’t even realize until today that the last time I blogged was when my dog died. I guess between dealing with that, serving caffeinated drinks to crazy customers and trying to be a better student- life just got in the way. I’m taking 5 courses, which averaged out to 18 credit hours this semester. I don’t know if the credit system is used in other countries for education, so for all you exotic readers just know that it’s a lot of homework. And to all my readers from the Land of the Eagle, ya feel me?? Yeah.

I actually have to get to my speech class (which is awesome by the way) in about 10 minutes but before I go, I thought I’d share with you guys that I’m dating someone!! 😀 Gosh, where do I even begin? We met at school, he’s my age, he’s super smart and funny and caring and attentive, he’s tall and has the cutest face I’ve ever seen. He does the sweetest things like, one time *adjusts sitting position* we were on a walk and I was wearing Toms which wasn’t a smart idea considering we live in an arctic tundra, but anyway- there was snow covering some parts of the sidewalk, and I didn’t even ask him to, he just picked me up and carried me over!  :’) We hold hands all the time, it just happens without us even realizing most of the time. He never lets a day go by without making me feel special and that’s something no one else has ever attempted to do. Honestly my lovely readers, I could dedicate an entire blog about this boy and it still wouldn’t be enough to tell you about how wonderful he really is. I’m so lucky to know him.

I should really go to class, but it feels so great to be sipping mediocre coffee in my over heated school and tell you all about the recent escapades of my life. I promise to keep in better touch. If you’re having a bad day, I hope it gets better! And if you’re having a good day, I’m happy things are going well! Smile at a stranger for me today, ok?

Much love,


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Look, Ma! I’m published!

*Slams hands on computer screen* OH MY GOSH, WORLD. GUESS WHAT.

I was the receiver of wonderful news yesterday and have not quite calmed down. Let me take you back. *psychedelic ripple*

It was a morning like any other, but to an unsuspecting girl that always smiles, it would turn out to be a fateful day. I quite literally threw myself out of bed, shimmied into some skinny jeans, and moseyed out of my house with a thermos of coffee in hand. The sky was clear, and for once I was not in danger of being run over in the college parking lot. I entered my school and was greeted by my wonderful companions. We followed the yellow carpet road to a magical place called Einstein’s Bagels located in our art building, and got a hearty breakfast for the low low price of $3. Sitting down, facing one another on chairs with arm rests (score) I decided to check my email. That’s when it happened. The twist of fate. The turning point. The Universe’s grin. The wrinkle in time. The peanut butter to the jelly. IT. A message from my school’s literary magazine, revealing that I, Jessie, would. Be. PUBLISHED.

My freaking poems are going to be published in a literary magazine to be released later this month. I think I squealed for a solid three minutes. Then I called my mom XD I’m just really ecstatic about this because I’ve been writing since I was 6 years old, but have really only started sharing my work as of this summer. It was the good news I’ve been hoping for ^_^

To add to my wonderful day, I went to a little pottery studio in my town and painted a mug! I decorated it to look like a birch tree forest. When it’s all done with the kiln I think I’ll post a photo of it! I have this new idea that someday when I finally have my own apartment, all of my coffee mugs will be ones that I painted myself. I’m also putting deeper consideration into becoming a high school art teacher. But who knows!!

I hope you all have as wonderful of a day as I did! And if not, hang in there! It’s on the way!!

Much love to you all,

-thatgirlwhoalwayssmiles (But I guess the secret’s finally out that my name is Jessie XD )

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Are you sure this is a crystal ball? Looks kind of like a snowglobe to me…

*Boils vat of hot chocolate* *Blasts Mariah Carey* *Prints double spaced, MLA format of Christmas List* *Brings gingerbread cookies to life* *Knits two sweaters with one hand* *Builds army of snowmen* *Pins back hair with gift bows* *Aggressively places Christmas cards in mailbox* *Retreats to igloo* Oh yes I am so ready for Christmas.

Happy Holidays, World! Are you having the most wonderful time yet? I’ve been excited since, like, December 26th 2013 lol.

My semester is winding down, just a few more weeks and then I can dedicate my time to last minute Christmas shopping and binging on Netflix. I need to get enough sleep and get through these last assignments. *Laughs to conceal sobbing*

On another note, my mom received a psychic reading yesterday! We’re a big fan of those in my family I guess you could say. She shared that we’re all in good fortune, and that my mom’s photography business should take off! Which is awesome because she’s been working hard on this and I give her a lot of credit for starting a new hobby later in life. Not saying that my mom is old, she just didn’t go to school for this or anything, she, ok never mind.

The psychic read Tarot cards for each member of my family. My cards revealed that *drum roll please* I’ll fall in love soon. GASP. WHAT? ME? FALLING? INTO LOVE? Will that hurt? If you couldn’t already tell, that news was a bit surprising to me. Basically every event in my life has discouraged me from the idea of love. Alright, maybe that’s not fair to say. I’ve received plenty of love in various aspects of my life, most noticeably in my friendships. The romance well of my life has just always been dry. And I think I broke my bucket. To give you a summary, I wanted desperately to be in a relationship until this past summer. When things went down the drain with yet another interest of mine, I kind of gave up on the whole idea. I began to find it easier to just not develop feelings for anyone, therefor not getting my hopes up and feelings crushed.

I figure I’ll just continue living as I am, a busy college girl trying to find time to paint and rolling out of bed at 2am to write another poem. And sharing it all with my wonderful readers of course 😉 Hopefully at some point love will find me and I’ll restrain myself from punching it in the face out of self-defense.

Shine on, you lovely people.


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Hamsters are nocturnal, so have fun not sleeping.

Hey World!

As of recently I realized the thing I needed in my life to make me happier, was change. I’ve been caught at kind of a standstill lately, just going through the motions of school and work, and disappointing romance.

So I got a hamster. 😀 She’s a young, black bear hamster so she’s little and very cute. Originally I had planned on naming her Java, but since her coloring is black and white I settled for Moo. Pookie Moo to be exact. I’m looking over at her cage periodically as I write this and right now she’s sleeping upside down in a tube. I’m not sure how she’s doing this but it does make me slightly concerned.

I’ll be posting pictures of Moo as soon as I can. It’s quite difficult to take a quality photo of a small animal who has never heard of the concept of staying still. Long blog post short, I am starting to feel better with 2 fish and a new hamster accompanying me in my room.

Tell someone ya love ’em.

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FRESHman status

Hi World!!! 😀

I attended the new student orientation at my college today. I had to get up earlier than I’d liked, due to picking up a friend before the event. Honestly, if it weren’t for my responsibility of his transportation, I wouldn’t have gone. I was to tired to even form a comprehensible stream of thought. Thank goodness for my friend and his lack of a driver’s license.

I had a much greater time than expected. Starting from when I stood in line waiting to be registered, an old friend from my freshman year of high school approached me. I hadn’t talked to her in years and couldn’t be happier to be in her presence. Standing in that line paid off too, they gave me tons of free stuff! A tee shirt, backpack, mints, pens and a notebook might not seem like much to anyone, but if you knew me you’d know that the simplest things make my day.

We filed into the school’s auditorium to watch some presentations and get to know the people around us more. My class is surprisingly funny. One of the speakers told us a statistic that students who attend their college’s orientation get better grades than students who don’t. My friend and looked at each other and high-fived. Our smug looks said nothing but “Hell yeah”.

We were given a series of sessions we could attend. Ranging from art classes to deciding what you even want to do with your life, my friends and I (the squad) mutually decided on 2 that we could attend together.

The first was for those who are pitifully undecided with their majors. (points finger at self) We had to break into different groups based on our personalities. I was in the artistic group with only 2 other people. We were given an egg, 15 straws, and 5 3-inch pieces of masking tape. We had to build a contraption that would successfully protect the egg when dropped 7 feet. Almost every group made a tube with their straws and placed the egg inside. My group came up with a sort of sled for our egg. It didn’t work, but it looked the coolest.

The next session was all about transferring to a different college. It opened my eyes to the differences between public and private schools. The class was full so we had to sit on the floor but squad didn’t care one bit.

I was excited to be walking toward an art session, but when I talked to a staff member I sadly discovered that it had only been offered in the first 2 sessions. The helpful staff member pointed me in the direction of a session he thought I would enjoy. Just before I left he handed me a business card said “Oh, and pass this on.” It had a colorful logo on it. Restating my previous point, I enjoy simple things. So while I didn’t know what on earth this card had to do with anything relevant, I was happy. I turned it over to see the message ‘You are beautiful’ A huge smile broke out on my face as I turned around and thanked the staff member. I looked up the hallway to see a pretty girl walking towards me, and I gave it to her. I love random acts of kindness so unbelievably much.

This last session was all about how to get involved. I discovered a leadership program that’s right up my alley. I already want to join it. Another fun ice breaker my college provided to us was a game. They had clothes pins with the message ‘Tag! You’re it!’ Written on each one. The object of the game was to attach it to someone, and if you were caught you had to introduce yourself. A group of students and I joined forces and had the whole class laughing. I was shocked at how easily I was breaking out of my shell. I made friends and walked with them towards the next order of business.

Free. Food.

We were all given Subway and listened to some performers and a raffle. I didn’t win, but I had free food so in my eyes I was already Queen of the campus.

I smiled so much today that my jaw hurt. I can now say I’m extremely excited for my first year of college.

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