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It’s not a ‘to do’ list, it’s a ‘what I’ve done’ list

I’ve only been out of school for.. *counts on fingers* 6, 6 days now. Yet here I am with sunburn on both arms which will surely lead to an overall, uneven tan. On the bright and very hot side (89 degrees Fahrenheit), my summer has already started out more fulfilling than my previous ones! Each year I write a summer bucket list, but they generally consist of pretty ambitious tasks which rarely get completed, leaving me feeling unaccomplished. So I decided to change that.

This summer I started a list of simple tasks that I could for sure accomplish in a few months, and I’m already crossing things off! Some goals include:

  1. Get a manicure   2. Listen to The Rolling Stones   3. Go fishing   4. Watch a sunrise 5.Do yoga outside   6. Learn a new song on piano

I figured that by doing this I’ll feel like I made the most out of my summer! On a larger scale, I’ll continue to learn French, travel in Ireland and pack for college in the fall!

I hope you all have many little things to look forward to this season ❤


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I just realized I never titled this post so I changed it to this

Hello world! How is my favorite planet doing??

This post is brought to you by my iPhone, I’ve never actually blogged on mobile so let’s hope for the best. It’s finally spring break which means I didn’t get out of bed until 11:47 AM today. What a time to be alive :’) I haven’t done anything exciting yet, just exercising a little and visiting my grandma!

I was making coffee earlier and I was all worried that Oliver (my new puppy) didn’t like me very much because whenever I try to hold him he turns into an escape artist whereas he literally gets a first-class ticket to dreamland when my sisters or mom pick him up. So I was thinking about that when I felt something fluffy plop down on my feet and there was Oliver, sleeping on my bare feet. I’ve attached a photo of him so you can absorb his cuteness as well. Another thing that’s been clouding my conscious lately is my hair. I’ve gone through multiple periods of being caught between wanting to transform into Rapunzel, or cut off all my locks. Right now I want to cut it to about my collar bones, maybe a little shorter and get choppy layers. 

Oh and another thing, I want to dye it pink.

WELL, I think I’ll spend some time jamming to pop punk, cleaning my room and making some cool art. Have a great day my wonderful readers! I appreciate you all and hope something exciting and unexpected happens to you real soon! 

Ps here’s a selfie for you


Jessie :3

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I made you a mix CD as part of your present

*stumbles into room, clutching side* *collapses* *drags self to laptop* *musters all strength to simply write the words:* H-hello World. I’m sorry you have to see me this..this way. *winces* You see.. I’m in some pain because *wipes blood off face* because.. I….. I……*gasping* rocked so freaking hard last night.

Hey. I’m not actually in ^this^ condition. I’m a little sore, but it’s nothing. I’m tough, see? *swallows lit cigarette* Wait, why did I just do that, I don’t even smoke. (?) Ok.

Anywaaaay, the theme of this post is to inform all you lovely people of my recent escapades. I went to a concert last night! They’re a pop-punk band called Real Friends who are from the Midwest. That’s right, they grew up frolicking in fields of corn just like me. I discovered this band probably a year and a half ago so I’m ecstatic that I finally got the chance to see them live.

My company and I ventured into the dark venue, flooded with flannel-wearing punks. My eyes sparkled at the lack of originality. With each band that claimed the stage, I was swept away into the current of the great mosh. Youths such as I senselessly pushing and shoving one another, to display their enjoyment of blaring guitar solos. And what a sight it was! Watching gnarly dudes soar above me, like reindeers on Christmas Eve. Such a grand gesture of determination and support, as we worked together to hurl the crowd surfers toward stage, to graze the hand of a mesmerizing lead singer.

In all seriousness, it was an incredible show. I had to keep myself from crying at multiple points, whether it was from a favorite song, or the feeling of being alive again – fully alive. Afterwards my friends and I topped off our evening by dining at a local pizza joint. How pop-punk of us XD

I know that not a lot of people are into pop-punk, but I love these songs and you may too. So here’s a little playlist from my CD collection to yours ❤
1. I've Given Up On You – Real Friends
2. Elevated – State Champs
3. A Part Of Me – Neck Deep
4. Came Out Swinging – The Wonder Years
5. No Good – Knuckle Puck

Maybe you guys can listen to these songs as you fall asleep or skateboard to work or whatever you crazy kids do for fun these days.

Rock on,

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Hamsters are nocturnal, so have fun not sleeping.

Hey World!

As of recently I realized the thing I needed in my life to make me happier, was change. I’ve been caught at kind of a standstill lately, just going through the motions of school and work, and disappointing romance.

So I got a hamster. 😀 She’s a young, black bear hamster so she’s little and very cute. Originally I had planned on naming her Java, but since her coloring is black and white I settled for Moo. Pookie Moo to be exact. I’m looking over at her cage periodically as I write this and right now she’s sleeping upside down in a tube. I’m not sure how she’s doing this but it does make me slightly concerned.

I’ll be posting pictures of Moo as soon as I can. It’s quite difficult to take a quality photo of a small animal who has never heard of the concept of staying still. Long blog post short, I am starting to feel better with 2 fish and a new hamster accompanying me in my room.

Tell someone ya love ’em.

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I did not in fact waste my day!!

I started by taking my dog for a walk. It was extremely humid and disgusting but it’s ok.

Later I went to the library and got some tapes on how to speak French.

Then I went to a little cafe with some friends, followed by going to one of their houses and playing hide n’ seek. I am the super ultra winner by the way. They thought I was missing. Heh heh.

It’s been a good day. Totally not wasted.

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wow such summer many fun

Hello World!

I am still fairly new to this whole BLOGGING thing. Sure I’m a little more popular on Tumblr, but this is my first official blog. And I’m not completely sure what I intend to write about.

Never the less, it’s summer. I woke up late today (10:45) gross gross gross. I hate waking up late, I feel like I lose my entire day. On days such as these, I try to make it count even more. I’ve had many adolescent epiphanies over the years, and one of my strongest has been how life truly is a gift. I like gifts.

So I must compile a list of things to do on days like these so I don’t waste my life away. Here goes it:

1. WORK ON YOUR CURRENT PAINTING (I procrastinate too much for my own good)

2. Take your dog for a walk

3. Get coffee. Because, coffee.

4. Clean your room.

5. Actually clean your room (you know, mom-approved).

6. Write in your diary.

7. Write someone a letter. Because, letters.

8. Practice guitar.

9. Do yoga, OUTSIDE.

10. Supa ultra dance party.


Well there’s a short list of things I could do on days such as these! I hope if any of you readers (do I have readers?) are bored, you could try some of these things too.

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