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Hamsters are nocturnal, so have fun not sleeping.

Hey World!

As of recently I realized the thing I needed in my life to make me happier, was change. I’ve been caught at kind of a standstill lately, just going through the motions of school and work, and disappointing romance.

So I got a hamster. 😀 She’s a young, black bear hamster so she’s little and very cute. Originally I had planned on naming her Java, but since her coloring is black and white I settled for Moo. Pookie Moo to be exact. I’m looking over at her cage periodically as I write this and right now she’s sleeping upside down in a tube. I’m not sure how she’s doing this but it does make me slightly concerned.

I’ll be posting pictures of Moo as soon as I can. It’s quite difficult to take a quality photo of a small animal who has never heard of the concept of staying still. Long blog post short, I am starting to feel better with 2 fish and a new hamster accompanying me in my room.

Tell someone ya love ’em.

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