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Can I lay on your couch and talk about my problems

Yesterday I did something I told myself I would never do ever again – I went back to therapy.

My mom believes my boyfriend is bad news, and insisted that if I wouldn’t talk to her or my dad about anything the least I could do was tell a therapist. At first I was mad, like, really mad. I stormed out of my parents’ room and flopped face-first onto my bed. I’m in college, why did my mom think it was acceptable to schedule an appointment with a therapist for me without even asking me if that’s something I wanted? Then I realized that most times people who need therapy go because they’re being forced to attend. Maybe this actually was something I needed.

By morning I felt better and reluctantly agreed. I’d go for my mom so she could have some peace of mind. I don’t plan on being a mother any time soon, but as I grow up I’m beginning to understand what it must feel like to be a parent. My doctor’s office was only a town away and took me about 15 minutes to reach. I was thankful that I could drive myself there, it gave me a greater sense of independence. I passed coffee shops and bookstores on my way, delighted at how adorable the downtown area was. I entered the office and handed over my insurance information, then filled out legal forms.

As she opened the door, my therapist looked exactly as I remembered her 3 years ago. Her short layers flared out at the ends and she wore a floral scarf over her blazer. I was impressed at how much she remembered about my life, from my grades in high school to family vacations. We shared small talk about college and our new puppies, then a melancholy silence reminded us of the real reason I sat on her sofa.

I told her about my relationship, the way things slipped out of our hands before we knew what was happening. She told me it was evident that after just 3 months of dating someone I had grown tremendously. She was appalled at how I felt I was wasting all of his time, nothing was wasted she said. We talked for an hour, then I signed a check and she scribbled in her calendar. I’ll be seeing her again next week.

It took a few days and multiple cups of tea for me to realize that going to therapy is nothing to be ashamed of. I attended it for 5 years in the past and took a 3 year break, and that’s fantastic. I’ve made so much progress with my old struggles, and I just so happen to be facing a new obstacle. Kudos to my readers who keep in touch with a therapist as well.

So much love,


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I’m really sorry, what’s your name again?

HEy World!

This is my first year participating in NANOWRIMO (national novel writing month) and it’s going well so far! I’ve been wanting to do this since 7th grade but either my parents wouldn’t let me or I would always forget. But now I’m in college. Which means I’m an adult now. (not really but it’s ok.)

So far I don’t have a solid plot line yet, just mainly working on character and setting development. Also I still don’t have a name for my main character yet D: but I can’t name her until it absolutely feels right. It’ll come to me.


Maybe you guys could help. *smug smile* I’ll list some of her traits and if you come up with anything you find fitting, please comment! I would love some new ideas!! 😀

She’s 24 years old and lives in her own apartment, no roommates. Also she doesn’t have any pets. (I should really give her a dog though) She has long brown hair and I think green eyes. Tall and stylish. Listens to Jack Johnson a lot. She works at a diner called Cutie Pies and her boss totally sucks but she puts up with it because she has no other option. She’s very independant, party due to the fact that she has trust issues. She’s not looking for a relationship because again, trust issues. She’s intelligent and likes to read. Secretly she reads poetry as well. She doesn’t have the closest ties with her family but she loves her friends, although she doesn’t express it much. She isn’t a very emotional/lovey-dovey person. She’s sarcastic and witty, but the entertaining kind.

So yeah, if you have any suggestions please let me know! I’ve been thinking about naming her Rory but I’m not sure.

Have a wonderful day, and it’s not too late to start writing!!


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Hello World!

I am currently in the midst of a study break from environmental biology. There is something that has always bothered me. For some reason my little profile picture won’t appear! I don’t know if this has anything to do with the type of blog I have or what- but could someone please help??

I’ll be your best friend! 😀

Thanks a bunch

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