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New Year’s, New Tears, New…Leers

Raise your hand if you have successfully stuck to your New Year’s resolutions 20 days into 2016.

*exasperated, disgruntled response*

Okay I see that 20 days has deemed too challenging. That’s okay! Being honest, I think resolutions are a little silly. Why do we wait for a year to start to begin making changes in our lives? If we were really serious about altering our realities we would do it the moment we believed we could. Doesn’t matter if it’s the first thing you think of when you wake up on April 4th or if it appeared to you in a dream on October 17th. If you’re really serious about a resolution, don’t wait for January! Just go out and do it!

As long as we’re on the topic of silly things, I happen to think New Year’s in general is silly. Yes time exists but the measurement of time is all man-made. Why do we get dressed up and throw glitter when a year ends? Oh look, it’s midnight. Again. Never seen that happen before. More than anything it’s just an excuse for people to get drunk but we already have a holiday for that. It’s called St. Patrick’s Day. (No I am  not insulting the Irish, I’m Irish myself and I know what goes on. I SEE YOU.)

Many people don’t stick to their resolutions because they’re changes that take gradual steps to accomplish, they’re too big to just happen spontaneously. They’re usually things like “I’m going to lose a lot of weight,” or “I’m going to eliminate all negativity from my life.” Those are great aspirations when needed! But they’re not going to be effortless. I’ve brainstormed some different ideas for making those big resolutions possible.

-Resolution: Become physically fit     Attempt: Works out each day for first 4 days of the year, tries all new diet for a week, starts taking vitamins, gives up quickly.

Whether you’re overweight or lacking serious nutrients, becoming a healthier individual is not something that happens overnight. In order to make lifelong changes, progress will take months and probably years to uphold. That doesn’t mean that it’s not possible though! What’s best is to evaluate your daily routine and implement gradual changes into your life a few times a week. It could be dangerous for your body to just begin running frequently or pumping iron, so it’s best to talk to your doctor and see what’s safe for you.

Instead of telling yourself that you’re going to work out every single day and swear off junk food for as long as you live, be a bit more lenient to begin. Try setting aside time to take a walk a few times a week, or lift small weights while you watch TV. Perhaps decide that you will only eat desert 3-4 times a week rather than every single day. Introduce new foods into your diet! Maybe the only reason you aren’t eating enough healthy foods is simply because you have no idea about all the delicious recipes there are. Don’t weigh yourself every single day. That’s obsessive and chances are you’ll just wind up feeling disappointed or discouraged since it takes a long time to actually change your current weight. Instead of marking your goal weight every 2 weeks on your calendar, make broad statements. Just say that you’ll be at ___lbs by May or June.

-Resolution: Defeat the dreaded caffeine addiction      Attempt: Doesn’t drink coffee for two days, suffers serious headache, relapses, is never seen without a latee ever again.

Letting go of coffee is physically and emotionally difficult. Not only do we experience serious cravings for our drink (and can become seriously irritable without it) but knowing that we’re about to drink coffee can seemingly lift our moods and make us excited! Coffee is a beautiful thing but the effects that caffeine intake can have on our lives are not so pretty. It effects our sleep schedule, dehydrates us, and can lead to symptoms of depression or anxiety.

Next time you order coffee, ask for half-caf instead. If you don’t need a pick-me-up and are just wanting coffee, order decaff. Try switching to black tea. It has half the amount of caffeine as coffee does so it’ll wake you up, just not as aggressively. You should also consider trying to start drinking a glass of water for every caffeinated drink you have!

-Resolution: Have better self-esteem      Attempt: ??????

How do you change your life? How do you suddenly just start loving yourself? This is something that people have to learn on their own for the most part, but there definitely are some things that anyone can pick up. First off, adopt this mentality: “If you wouldn’t say it to a friend, don’t say it to yourself.” Stop putting yourself down all the time and start complimenting yourself. It could be about anything, maybe you like that your hair is shiny or that your fingers are long enough to be able to play piano. Leave little notes of encouragement around your house. Journal. Sometimes when it comes to confidence, all you can do is fake it until you make it.

As for me, my resolution was been pretty easy to stick to considering it’s just staying vegetarian and I have no desire to eat meat. Even if you haven’t been loyal to the changes you wanted to make, you can always try again or change your approach. If you wait until next year you’ll never get it done!


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There are leftovers and they are everywhere

Happy late Thanksgiving to anyone who celebrates! I hope you all ate until you fell into a coma. 

My family always hosts this holiday, it’s tradition. We had a full house yesterday cramming 35 people into my basement. I got to meet my baby cousin for the first time and a huge family secret was revealed. (Dun dun DUNNNNNN) Turns out I’m German on my dad’s side. For some reason my grandma kept our heritage a secret for decades.. I don’t know what for but I guess I’m German now!

It’s been a long time since I’ve struggled with eating and I think that since I’ve made the change towards going vegetarian my relationship with food has changed a lot. Last night I loaded up a plate and ate in front of my entire family (which used to be hard for me) and I sincerely enjoyed all of it. 

It just feels really good to honor my health and body. Eating is such a basic component of life, you do it if you want to live. It seems like such a simple concept but some endure battles each day to perform this task. I’m lucky to not only be in a healthy state of mind but also to be able to access food whenever needed. It’s hard to grasp that some people actually go without meals because they simple can’t obtain food. 

Things to be thankful for: food, juice machines, GPS systems, highlighters, facial moisturizers, sweaters, large pockets. 

I love you all and extra enjoy your next snack.

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The Impending Afro

Hey World!

I don’t remember the last time I blogged and that disgusts me. My dear readers I’m so sorry for neglecting you. I’ll be sending a box of puppies with an apology note attached soon. My winter break is almost over and I’ll be shuffling back to school this coming Wednesday. Although I’ll miss sleeping in and drinking hot chocolate at home all day, I’d say I’m ready to go back.

I’ve been extremely back and forth for the past few months on whether I should cut my hair or not. I’ve been growing it out for around 3 years now, and it’s down to the middle of my back I’d say. Knowing that it took that long to reach this point, I’ve been worried that cutting it to my jaw line is something I’d regret. When suddenly, *heavenly light and angels’ singing* I got an idea. I could just dye it.

So there I was at Target in the hair aisle. I settled for a temporary dye, since this would be my first time coloring my hair and seeing that I’d be doing it myself; it wouldn’t be professional. I spent a little less than an hour in front of the mirror in my bathroom. Listening to music is probably the only reason I remained sane. I managed to pull off an ombre, the color fading from my natural chestnut to a faint red.

It’s temporary, they said. It’ll wash out, they said. NO LASTING DAMAGE, THEY SAID.

I’ll take the blame for this one, I pretty much picked the worst possible time of year to dye my hair. Temperatures in the negatives and chemical treatments simply were more than it could handle. I’ve always had thick hair, but this is a new record. Since my mane dried out so much, it became frizzy and insanely voluminous. Long story short, I’ve been a punk-pop poodle for the past 5 days.

Fear not dear readers, for I may have found the cure. I give to you, wait for it….. *ukulele intro* THE O EXOTIC COCONUT. OIL. All I really need is a deep conditioning, so I rifled though my kitchen cabinet to find a beautiful jar of unrefined coconut oil. My hair smells GREAT. If you close your eyes and stick your face in my over-excited pony tail you might just think you’re in Hawaii. Ok, that’s a lie but it does smell fantastic. ^_^ Real talk though, organic coconut oil has multiple health and beauty benefits that you should all check out!

I’m gonna go back to laying on the floor in the fetal position, take care now!! ❤

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It’s so…..SHINY.

*loud wheezing* LOOK AT THIS *holds out palms* Innocent and slightly-afraid bystander: “..There- there’s nothing there, Jessi-” IT’S A NOMINATION. I WAS NOMINATED. *innocent and extremely afraid bystander flees* WHERE ARE YOU GOING *manic laughter*

*clears throat* Um, I’m sorry you had to see that. I was a little.. excited. Ok, let’s just get down to business. *hits elevator button* *is at business level* Excellent. Hello, World! I was recently nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award and this is a post all about it! Enjoy this! I hope! Ok! *projects onto screen*

The rules of the One Lovely Blog Award:

You must thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog
You must list the rules and display the award.
You must add 7 facts about yourself.
You must nominate 5 other bloggers and comment on one of their posts to let them know they’ve been nominated.
You must display the award logo and follow the blogger who nominated you.

Naturally, I would first like to thank Apricots and Cream for nominating me. I got her message informing me on a Wednesday night that she chose to nominate me, and I was so excited that I ran upstairs and woke up my sick mother just to tell her. Luckily, she was quite happy for me and therefor not angry that I snatched her out of dreamland. *wipes sweat from forehead* Apocalypse avoided! I was going to nominate Cora right back, until I found out that’s apparently against the rules. *scoffs* Well then. Fine. I’ll abide since I don’t want to hurdle either of our nominations into oblvion. But there’s no rule stating that I can’t talk about her blog! Cora is a wonderful young lady and although I’ve never seen a picture of her, I’m certain that she’s quite beautiful. She’s super dedicated to the blogger lifestyle, constantly making new posts to inform the world about her recent escapades which I adore. Not only does she want to improve her own blogging abilities, but she wants to see others grow as well! She’s my biggest fan. No really, it says so on my stats page. Like, right there. *points* She’s always the first to like and comment my post and her support means the world to me! Let me tell you readers, this girl deserves an award.

Now I have to… *checks rules* List the rules. Already did that. I’m on a roll.
7 facts about me? Well, *hair flip* if you insist.

7 uber facts about me:
1. I will defend pop-punk until the end of the world. I got into this genre of music at the beginning of my senior year of high school, so about a year and a half ago. I would spend my friday nights in my room surfing YouTube (BECAUSE I HAD NO FRIENDS *loud sobbing* just kidding. I stayed home on Fridays because I was so exhausted by the end of the week) One night I stumbled across a band from the east coast, and I was hooked.
2. I love donuts and coffee. I know they’re not the best things I could consume, but man they taste good.
3. Going to concerts is somewhat of a hobby for me. I lost track of how many I’ve been to, but a couple crazy experiences were seeing Sir Paul McCartney front row, and going to 3 different shows in one week. But those are stories for another time 😉 *uses reverse psychology to keep you interested in my blog* Is it working? No? Ok.
4. I have a dog, a hamster and 2 goldfish. They’re excellent company except for the facts that my dog hates me 89% of the time, my hamster is only awake at night and my fish-human interaction is little to none.
5. My eyes are blue and change with my feelings. They’re lighter when I’m happy and darker when I’m sad. LOL MOOD EYES ok I’m done.
6. I believe in reincarnation and the earliest past life of mine that I can remember was in anchient Egypt.
7. I wish we had to post just one more fact about ourselves because 8 is my favorite number. Ah well.

And now for the main event. *drum roll* *drum stick flies out of hand* *hits chandelier* *crashes to ground* *venue is engulfed in flames* Oh, oh no. Uhhh *nervous laughter* well while we wait for the fire brigade to arrive, let’s just, uh, move this pow-wow outside, shall we? *casually guides angry mob through emergency exit* Thank you all for coming, by the way. You look lovely. *drink thrown in face* I probably deserved that. Ok um *digs crumpled paper out of pocket* right.

And the nominees are:
1. Slightly Chilled Porcupine! Hilarious and creative, what more could you want in a blog? Check it out for some cool art.
2. No Talent For Certainty! This writer is constantly posting new poems, many of which I’ve shared with friends.
3. randommusings! I really admire this successful blogger and all that she stands for.
4. OPTIONAL POETRY! If you’re looking for some quality poetry, this is the blog for you.
5. Gotta Find a Home! This blog is very eye-opening to me, showing different perspectives of the world we all may not be familiar with.

If you’re still reading this, here’s some pixie dust for you. *elegantly blows shimmery material toward you* OH JEEZ IT GOT IN MY EYE. IT BURNS. OK I’M LOGGING OFF NOW CATCH YA LATER.


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Are you sure this is a crystal ball? Looks kind of like a snowglobe to me…

*Boils vat of hot chocolate* *Blasts Mariah Carey* *Prints double spaced, MLA format of Christmas List* *Brings gingerbread cookies to life* *Knits two sweaters with one hand* *Builds army of snowmen* *Pins back hair with gift bows* *Aggressively places Christmas cards in mailbox* *Retreats to igloo* Oh yes I am so ready for Christmas.

Happy Holidays, World! Are you having the most wonderful time yet? I’ve been excited since, like, December 26th 2013 lol.

My semester is winding down, just a few more weeks and then I can dedicate my time to last minute Christmas shopping and binging on Netflix. I need to get enough sleep and get through these last assignments. *Laughs to conceal sobbing*

On another note, my mom received a psychic reading yesterday! We’re a big fan of those in my family I guess you could say. She shared that we’re all in good fortune, and that my mom’s photography business should take off! Which is awesome because she’s been working hard on this and I give her a lot of credit for starting a new hobby later in life. Not saying that my mom is old, she just didn’t go to school for this or anything, she, ok never mind.

The psychic read Tarot cards for each member of my family. My cards revealed that *drum roll please* I’ll fall in love soon. GASP. WHAT? ME? FALLING? INTO LOVE? Will that hurt? If you couldn’t already tell, that news was a bit surprising to me. Basically every event in my life has discouraged me from the idea of love. Alright, maybe that’s not fair to say. I’ve received plenty of love in various aspects of my life, most noticeably in my friendships. The romance well of my life has just always been dry. And I think I broke my bucket. To give you a summary, I wanted desperately to be in a relationship until this past summer. When things went down the drain with yet another interest of mine, I kind of gave up on the whole idea. I began to find it easier to just not develop feelings for anyone, therefor not getting my hopes up and feelings crushed.

I figure I’ll just continue living as I am, a busy college girl trying to find time to paint and rolling out of bed at 2am to write another poem. And sharing it all with my wonderful readers of course 😉 Hopefully at some point love will find me and I’ll restrain myself from punching it in the face out of self-defense.

Shine on, you lovely people.


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Why am I always writing an essay

The Morning Scene

wwwoooooooowww *pulls blankets over face* wwwwwooooooowww *hurls alarm clock at window* *window breaks* *cold air enters* wwwwoooooowww *is very cold* *doesn’t want to get up* *falls out of bed* wwwwoooowww.*exit thatgirlwhoalwayssmiles*

Did you enjoy my play? I’m guessing by the abundance of roses being chucked at me that you did. O THX UR SO SWEET.

Wow, I’m actually becoming a college maniac I think. The transformation is nearly complete. But really, I’ve just been working myself to the bone for the past few weeks. Waking up early, going to school till the afternoon, working till night and then somehow a miracle washes over my life and gives me enough energy to write another essay. How? Magic.

Luckily today is my last day of classes and working for the week! Then I get to host Thanksgiving once again 😀 I hope my mom makes even more food than she did last year. She always says that if she makes too much, people won’t eat it. Um hello, have you met your daughter? No? Alright.

I’m in the computer lab at school as per usual because I was racing against the clock to finish an essay 40 minutes before class. Typical me. Then I realized that my class actually didn’t start for another hour, so I sat here for a while, some people stared at me, I stared back to establish that I was the weirder one, and then I thought, ‘Hey, wordpress.’ And now I am here. I just held in a sneeze woah that was a weird sensation.


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