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I made you a mix CD as part of your present

*stumbles into room, clutching side* *collapses* *drags self to laptop* *musters all strength to simply write the words:* H-hello World. I’m sorry you have to see me this..this way. *winces* You see.. I’m in some pain because *wipes blood off face* because.. I….. I……*gasping* rocked so freaking hard last night.

Hey. I’m not actually in ^this^ condition. I’m a little sore, but it’s nothing. I’m tough, see? *swallows lit cigarette* Wait, why did I just do that, I don’t even smoke. (?) Ok.

Anywaaaay, the theme of this post is to inform all you lovely people of my recent escapades. I went to a concert last night! They’re a pop-punk band called Real Friends who are from the Midwest. That’s right, they grew up frolicking in fields of corn just like me. I discovered this band probably a year and a half ago so I’m ecstatic that I finally got the chance to see them live.

My company and I ventured into the dark venue, flooded with flannel-wearing punks. My eyes sparkled at the lack of originality. With each band that claimed the stage, I was swept away into the current of the great mosh. Youths such as I senselessly pushing and shoving one another, to display their enjoyment of blaring guitar solos. And what a sight it was! Watching gnarly dudes soar above me, like reindeers on Christmas Eve. Such a grand gesture of determination and support, as we worked together to hurl the crowd surfers toward stage, to graze the hand of a mesmerizing lead singer.

In all seriousness, it was an incredible show. I had to keep myself from crying at multiple points, whether it was from a favorite song, or the feeling of being alive again – fully alive. Afterwards my friends and I topped off our evening by dining at a local pizza joint. How pop-punk of us XD

I know that not a lot of people are into pop-punk, but I love these songs and you may too. So here’s a little playlist from my CD collection to yours ❤
1. I've Given Up On You – Real Friends
2. Elevated – State Champs
3. A Part Of Me – Neck Deep
4. Came Out Swinging – The Wonder Years
5. No Good – Knuckle Puck

Maybe you guys can listen to these songs as you fall asleep or skateboard to work or whatever you crazy kids do for fun these days.

Rock on,

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