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It’s not a ‘to do’ list, it’s a ‘what I’ve done’ list

I’ve only been out of school for.. *counts on fingers* 6, 6 days now. Yet here I am with sunburn on both arms which will surely lead to an overall, uneven tan. On the bright and very hot side (89 degrees Fahrenheit), my summer has already started out more fulfilling than my previous ones! Each year I write a summer bucket list, but they generally consist of pretty ambitious tasks which rarely get completed, leaving me feeling unaccomplished. So I decided to change that.

This summer I started a list of simple tasks that I could for sure accomplish in a few months, and I’m already crossing things off! Some goals include:

  1. Get a manicure   2. Listen to The Rolling Stones   3. Go fishing   4. Watch a sunrise 5.Do yoga outside   6. Learn a new song on piano

I figured that by doing this I’ll feel like I made the most out of my summer! On a larger scale, I’ll continue to learn French, travel in Ireland and pack for college in the fall!

I hope you all have many little things to look forward to this season ❤


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Hiking boots? I have knock-off Vans, does that count? No? Ok. 

Hello world! 

I just thought I’d show you some pretty pretty pictures from the last few days of my road trip. 

Seeeeeee? Pretty. Just like your face. 

So the first photo was taken at Yellow Stone park. I’m not sure there’s anything quite like it in the world, at least nothing I’ve yet seen.  We hiked in zigzags up and down mountains surrounded by trees overlooking waterfalls and saw herds of bison everywhere. One even was walking on the road, holding up traffic and it sauntered right past our car. We could’ve reached out and touched it if you know, there wasn’t a chance of it angrily ramming our Honda. 

The second photo was taken in the Teton Mountains in Wyoming. They’re my dad’s favorite mountain range and I guess it runs in the family because they’re my favorite too now. We met some friendly bikers along the way and I thought they complimented the landscape perfectly. I’m not much of a heat person so the 55°F weather was perfect to me. 

And this final photo was taken at a coffee shop I just visited! They roast their own beans and the floor is decorated with different antique coffee bean sacks. I got a vanilla lattee as usual. 

So that’s what I have for now, dear readers. I hope your week is as cool as you. 



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Tell me when we cross the state line. I wanna see if it has a snapchat filter.

Hello world!

I’ve had a very busy summer so far, and it led me to have almost no time for blogging, drawing, sleeping, the usual. But my summer courses ended yesterday and I’m currently writing on the go. My family and I are taking a road trip around the country so I’ll finally have a clean break from school and work. Thank the lord. 

I’ll keep you updated on my escapades as I document them in my handy dandy diary. (I decorated it. See?)

Voilá. Oh also, I dyed my hair purple just a bit. Sadly I’ve failed to take any good selfies with my unnatural pigment BUT WHEN I DO I’ll share it with you. 

Ok love you bye


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“Your current situation is not your final destination”

My life has been a whirlwind lately to say the least. I put too much on my plate thinking I could handle it all, but 3 jobs, my first year of college and a relationship were more than I initially bargained for.

I’ve worked at a cafe for well over a year, and have helped out a family by babysitting their two children during the week and sometimes weekends. The cafe paid me minimum wage, and it seemed like every time I came home at night with coffee in my hand, I was complaining about my shift more than anything. My dad informed me one day that a salon was in need of a new receptionist, and suggested I look into it. I got an interview, and was soon making phone calls and sweeping up the snipped off locks of hair on the floor. So there- more money.

In order to graduate college within 4 years, I had to sign up for multiple classes, adding up to 18 credits just from my spring semester. I worked hard. Harder than I ever did in high school. I stayed up late to write papers and woke up early to review for a math quiz. I’d scramble to finish lab reports in my hour between classes and never skipped in the entire year. Finals came and grades were posted, I achieved a 4.0 GPA. So there- good grades.

I met a boy around February. We went to the same school and one day he asked me if I would meet him at a Starbucks. I loved the way he wore hats backwards and how he’d ask me if he were annoying me when he rambled on about technology and alternative rock bands. He held my hand when we drove around in his car and he was always the first person to say ‘Good morning’ to me. I always said I could never date a smoker, but when he smoked it didn’t bother me. After going on dinner dates in the city and watching movies in my basement we decided to make it official. So there- my first boyfriend.

People saw me as a hard-working young adult. I managed to do it all! Yep. I dragged myself between jobs for a little bit of money and made it through essay after essay with the motivation of anxiety attacks. Everyone liked the pictures I posted of my boyfriend and I, saying how we were so cute together and they were all so happy for me. Well I’m glad they had their happiness because I’ve been losing mine.

They saw my relationship status change months ago, but no one was around to witness the 2 incidences where we almost went back to being single. No one stepped in to break up the fights that led to our fall out, and no one noticed the bright blue color of my eyes fade to a dull grey. Maybe I’m just good at makeup.

I’ve been dealing with chronic infections for the past 2 months, and I never realized until now how good health truly is a gift. I’ve been praying to get better, and the other night I meditated with spirit candles and healing crystals. I felt a force sway my stable body from side to side, and I watched myself pass through the universe.

Things have been hard, but I’m determined to see the best of my journey. It’s all a learning process, and I have to believe that this will all help me grow. I’ll keep smiling and making others smile in return.

Much love,


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FRESHman status

Hi World!!! 😀

I attended the new student orientation at my college today. I had to get up earlier than I’d liked, due to picking up a friend before the event. Honestly, if it weren’t for my responsibility of his transportation, I wouldn’t have gone. I was to tired to even form a comprehensible stream of thought. Thank goodness for my friend and his lack of a driver’s license.

I had a much greater time than expected. Starting from when I stood in line waiting to be registered, an old friend from my freshman year of high school approached me. I hadn’t talked to her in years and couldn’t be happier to be in her presence. Standing in that line paid off too, they gave me tons of free stuff! A tee shirt, backpack, mints, pens and a notebook might not seem like much to anyone, but if you knew me you’d know that the simplest things make my day.

We filed into the school’s auditorium to watch some presentations and get to know the people around us more. My class is surprisingly funny. One of the speakers told us a statistic that students who attend their college’s orientation get better grades than students who don’t. My friend and looked at each other and high-fived. Our smug looks said nothing but “Hell yeah”.

We were given a series of sessions we could attend. Ranging from art classes to deciding what you even want to do with your life, my friends and I (the squad) mutually decided on 2 that we could attend together.

The first was for those who are pitifully undecided with their majors. (points finger at self) We had to break into different groups based on our personalities. I was in the artistic group with only 2 other people. We were given an egg, 15 straws, and 5 3-inch pieces of masking tape. We had to build a contraption that would successfully protect the egg when dropped 7 feet. Almost every group made a tube with their straws and placed the egg inside. My group came up with a sort of sled for our egg. It didn’t work, but it looked the coolest.

The next session was all about transferring to a different college. It opened my eyes to the differences between public and private schools. The class was full so we had to sit on the floor but squad didn’t care one bit.

I was excited to be walking toward an art session, but when I talked to a staff member I sadly discovered that it had only been offered in the first 2 sessions. The helpful staff member pointed me in the direction of a session he thought I would enjoy. Just before I left he handed me a business card said “Oh, and pass this on.” It had a colorful logo on it. Restating my previous point, I enjoy simple things. So while I didn’t know what on earth this card had to do with anything relevant, I was happy. I turned it over to see the message ‘You are beautiful’ A huge smile broke out on my face as I turned around and thanked the staff member. I looked up the hallway to see a pretty girl walking towards me, and I gave it to her. I love random acts of kindness so unbelievably much.

This last session was all about how to get involved. I discovered a leadership program that’s right up my alley. I already want to join it. Another fun ice breaker my college provided to us was a game. They had clothes pins with the message ‘Tag! You’re it!’ Written on each one. The object of the game was to attach it to someone, and if you were caught you had to introduce yourself. A group of students and I joined forces and had the whole class laughing. I was shocked at how easily I was breaking out of my shell. I made friends and walked with them towards the next order of business.

Free. Food.

We were all given Subway and listened to some performers and a raffle. I didn’t win, but I had free food so in my eyes I was already Queen of the campus.

I smiled so much today that my jaw hurt. I can now say I’m extremely excited for my first year of college.

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Front Yard Chats

HEy, World!

I have been informed that a have followers. I’m flattered that there are people who consider my blog interesting enough to want updates on. So this is a huge thank you to anyone who follows me! Here’s a virtual hug from me to you!

But anyways.

Remember how I said I was a bit under the weather? Well I’ve been getting a lot better. I feel fine, however due to something called “morals” I’ve refrained from human contact with the outside world. It was going ok, until it wasn’t. And when I say that I mean I was going stir crazy.

Luckily, things started to change today! My best friend and I missed each other too much to continue being separated. Her plan was to come over to my house and we would stand on other ends of my glass door in order to spare her immune system. Instead we wound up sitting outside, on opposite ends of my front yard. It was nice, just talking in the sunshine. It kind of made me feel like I was in a John Hughes movie. If John Hughes felt like making a movie about a high school graduate who didn’t yet know what she was doing after college. Sigh.

I said to her, “You know, this is kinda what college will be like. Because we’ll be away from each other but still talking.” She said “Actually this is what it’ll look like.” And she held up her phone to her face as if she was FaceTiming someone.

Actually, it’ll look like my face pressed into my phone and me crying because I miss her. But that’s just me.

Catch ya later

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What’s good, World?

This month, I will become a college student (Oh my God what) and I’m not exactly ready (Oh my God no). I still haven’t even figured out how to order textbooks. Nearly all my friends are going away for school, and they couldn’t be more excited. And why wouldn’t they be? They get to finally leave this town, have a whole new scene, meet dozens of new people, and deck out their dorm room. I however, am staying at home for the first two years of college. I don’t exactly get the same excitement as they do, but I still can have all the stress of school. I have Christmas lights and pictures all over my bedroom already, if I study here will that make me cool too? Sigh.

I guess I have something they don’t have, though. Mid-west weather can be crazy. I will testify to that in any court of law. But unlike all my muttering neighbors, I actually enjoy the cold weather. There’s just something about the change of seasons. When the air becomes cold but you still feel the warmth of the sun. Being immune to surrounding temperatures with a hearth and mug of (insert favorite heated beverage here). You’ll never convince me that there’s any better attire than sweaters, jeans, scarves, beanies and boots. (Which of course I find the greatest steals on all my thrifting escapades). There are very few things that I will consider to be more beautiful than walking outside at night as snow falls, being illuminated by nothing but the lights strung on every tree.

So there you have it, my fellow peers. Sure you can get excited about your parties and tiny rooms, but while you’re dreading the weather I’ll be dancing in it.

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Stop Talking to Me, I’m Sick.

Hello World!

I’d first like to apologize for my recent lack in blogging. In a nutshell, I’ve been travelling in Europe, working, attempting to see my friends before time and higher education tears us all away from each other, and getting sick. Yes, sick in the summer. Pathetic, right?


I came down with an extreme fever a few days ago. The temperature of the sun had nothing on me. I could have melted an iceberg if I stood within 2 miles of one. I also had headaches, accompanied by body aches and I was ridiculously light headed. I would lose my breath if I simply walked across my kitchen.

My skin started doing all these weird things and long story short, I basically have chicken pox. How did I get this? I don’t know, maybe it’s from those little vermin I mean children running around at my work all the time. But who knows, how I got it isn’t really that important.

I’ve been stuck in my house for days on end which is so unlike me, and I’m beginning to feel like a less hostile, but sassier version of Jack Torrance from The Shining.

A complete list of the things that I have done since being struck down by chickens:
1. Lied on a couch
2. Rolled over on a couch
3. Stared at a wall
4. Stared at a different wall
5. Went outside
6. Stared at outdoor scenery

Catch my drift? Wait no don’t, I don’t want you to get sick.

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Mom can you put aloe on my back

Hello World!

Nice to see your beautiful face again. How is your face? Is it sunburned like mine is? No? Well aren’t you special. 

I had a very enjoyable weekend at my family lake house with my best friend. The after affects of fun in the sun, are not so fun. 

When you’re composed of mainly Irish genes, sunburn is a summer routine. Regular sunburn I can accept, but this has to be a joke. Half of my face is burnt. I have a lovely gradient starting strong on my forehead, fading down to my cheeks. My upper left side and lower right side of my back is toasted. I’m a checker board it’s just awesome. The front side of my thighs are burnt and the inside of my calves are as well. My shoulders and arms are fairly tan and my midriff has stayed the same.




I’ve come to accept the fact that I am very Irish and as much as I try, chances are I’ll never achieve an overall tan like my exotic friends. *sigh* In other news, I’ve just been informed that soaking a rag in tea can help soothe sunburn. I am off to explore this theory.

Until next time world, wear sunscreen. 

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I did not in fact waste my day!!

I started by taking my dog for a walk. It was extremely humid and disgusting but it’s ok.

Later I went to the library and got some tapes on how to speak French.

Then I went to a little cafe with some friends, followed by going to one of their houses and playing hide n’ seek. I am the super ultra winner by the way. They thought I was missing. Heh heh.

It’s been a good day. Totally not wasted.

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